Mittwoch, 27. März 2013

Geoff: Visualizing geographical maps in Eclipse RCP/RAP applications

The Eclipse Foundation has set up a new industry working group, namely LocationTech.
Its main focus is on

- Storage and processing of massive data volume
- Model driven design
- Desktop, Web, and mobile mapping
- Real time analysis of business critical data

With geoff (geo fast forward), I have proposed a new project that aims at providing a solution to be used for existing (or maybe new ones, too) Eclipse RCP applications to enable visualization of geographical (geo spatial) maps. It uses model driven design (EMF) to provide a declarative configuration of a layered map that can be rendered via the JavaScript framework called OpenLayers 2.12.

EclipseSource's Ralf Sternberg was very cooperative to host an RAP version of the current state on their demo server - Thanks a lot!

Geoff RAP Demo Application

You can follow the progress on GitHub: Geoff on GitHub

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